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Briefing to Politeknik Brunei on the Official Secrets Act

3rd May 2017

Officers from the Criminal Justice Division today delivered a briefing on the Official Secrets Act to Senior Officers of Politeknik Brunei as part of the Attorney General’s continuing mission to educate various stakeholders on the Laws of Brunei Darussalam.

Politeknik Brunei OSA 1.jpg

In providing an overview of the legislation, which is an act to provide for the protection of official secret and aimed at preventing the disclosure of official documents and information through the imposition of criminal penalties, Deputy Public Prosecutors Christopher Ng and Dk Hazirah Binti Pg Yusof of the Special Duties Unit of the Criminal Justice Division spoke about the various offences under the Official Secrets Act which includes the wrongful communication of information, which is an offence under Section 5 of the Act and the punishments imposed if an accused is found guilty of any breaches. The speakers also made reference to cases prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act in other jurisdictions which share the same law such as Malaysia and Singapore to illustrate the wide nature of the act and how it can be diverse in application. Amongst the issues discussed amongst the speakers and senior officers, which included the various Heads of Departments and Heads of Schools of Politeknik Brunei included issues of classification of documents and the importance of emphasizing confidentiality, especially when dealing with documents or information of a sensitive nature. The speakers emphasised the need to ensure that not only should internal guidelines be in place to regulate and prohibit the sharing of any potentially sensitive information but that such policies and guidelines should be properly communicated to all officers, staff and students where applicable.

The briefing ended with a question and answer session, followed by a presentation of tokens of appreciation by Cikgu Alias bin Haji Abu Bakar, the Acting Assistant Director of Politeknik Brunei to the speakers.