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Organisational Structure​​



" To Provide Quality Support Services with Efficiency, Honesty and Trustworthiness in Managing and Administering the Administrative and Financial Affairs of the Attorney General's Chambers "

Core Responsibilities

The Main Function of this Section is generally to manage and administer the administration and finance affairs. This section divided into 4 units which are as follows:-

Human Resources Unit

Secretary and Head of the Secretariat to the Human Resources Committee of the Attorney General's Chambers

  • Managing the filling of posts and confirmation of posts including Daily Paid Posts

  • Managing the recommendation for promotion including the Fast Track Promotion

  • Implementation of the Talent Management & Succession Planning

  • Planning and Management of the Schemes of service

  • Planning and Management of the Development Programme inc

  • ​luding Long Term (LDP) & Short Term (HRD) Training

  • Management with regard to attending of Meetings, Conferences, Visits & Courses.

  • Monitoring the achievement of KPI for every Division

  • Coordinating the management of performance of the officers and staffs of Chambers.

Management Unit
  • Management and handling the general administration of Chambers including record of services, leave application and recommendation for bestowal of awards and medals.

  • Management and handling of GEMS

  • Preparing annual Budget of Chambers and Report of Allocation of Expenditure

  • Management and handling of financial affairs including salaries, allowances and loans.

  • Responsible for providing a conductive atmosphere and comfortable and safe in workplace including the custody and maintenance of assets of Chambers.

  • Planning, managing and implementation of RKN projects and Special Provisions

  • Responsible for press release, media coverage and publicity towards improving the image of Chambers and handling of visits for Chambers or outside Chambers.

Archive Unit
  • Responsible to the Chambers in ensuring the smooths running of the files and records by recording the outgoing/incoming files in the computer and file entry, to record all correspondences

  • Received from the confidential secretary(AGC) in the computer

  • Acceptance entry file for the action of the instructed officers

  • Responsible in the planning and maintenance of indices and filing systems(record keeping), including preservation of file covers by replacing damage ones

  • Responsible for the opening of files in relation to new matters and the closing of files upon instruction and if considered necessary

  • To update files and to check the cross reference of the documents, papers and other correlative matters

  • To check all correspondence received from typist to ensure the reference of the correspondence is correct or otherwise

  • To  perform/carry out other duties as instructed/directed by the Attorney General and Heads of Divisions

  • To enter in the list of file indices of any sub-fle opend for matters in relation to claims for payments/debts/overdue from Ministries and Government Departments

  • To check AIMS system continuously in order to obtain the file reference of any correspondence receives and application to open new files as well as to ensure the reference is correct

  • To ensure that every new file opened is entered into AIMS system and no continuously update it including list of file in relation to payment claims/overdue from Ministries and Government Departments.​

ICT Unit
  • Assists AGC IT Steering Committee

  • Manages AGC IT Projects with the relevant project team

  • Manages and updates AGC website and working closely with Library Unit and Brulaw Unit for the Legislation Online

  • Manages the existing AGC Information Systems and Intranet Portal

  • Manages AGC Network Infrastructure and equipment

  • Manages the requirement through the EGNC IT procurement (ITCP)

  • Plans for the effective use of information System, IT equipment and facilities in AGC

  • Assists on the planning and preparing IC yearly budget

  • Assists AGC for any related IT issues and problems.