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The Principal Legislation of the Laws of Brunei Darussalam comprises of:

1.Enactments-Enactments are laws enacted before 1st January 1984 which are not included in the Laws of Brunei in the Revised Edition of 1st January 1984;
2.'Acts'-'Acts' are found in the 'Laws of Brunei';
3.'Orders'-'Orders' are made under Article 83(3) of the Constitution of Brunei Darussalam and are published in Part II of the Government Gazettes.

Abbreviated References

B.L.R.O.=Brunei Law Revision Order
B.R.O.N.=British Resident's Office Notification
CAP., Cap., c.=Chapter
En., E.=Enactment
[E]=English version
[E.O.]=Emergency Order
eg: Copyright Order [E.O.] - the correct citation is Emergency (Copyright) Order
GN=Gazette Notification
[M]=Malay version
BB=Borneo Bulletin
PB=Pelita Brunei

References to Enactments are usually in the form of "20 of 1983" indicating Enactment 20 of the year 1983.
References to Acts as consolidated in the 1951 Edition are in the forms "(Cap. 37 of 1951)".

Subsidiary legislation is indicated by the letter "S" followed by the number of the gazette notification and the year as follows - "S 93/80"