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Organisa​tional Structure​​


The Mission Statement of the International Affairs Division (IAD) is:

“To deliver the highest quality legal service through the effective interpretation and application of international law"


IAD is comprised of three units:


Economic Unit

The Economic Unit specialises in legal issues relating to the economic development of Brunei Darussalam that includes trade, investment, financial services, transport, tourism and intellectual property.  The Unit is actively involved in negotiations for all free trade agreements that Brunei Darussalam is party to. It also assists relevant government agencies in the drafting and vetting of bilateral and multilateral economy related agreements, and advises on matters relating to Brunei Darussalam's memberships to international organisations such as the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Head of Unit

Dyg Sharifah Afizah binti Syed Ali, Deputy Senior Counsel



Mohd Danial Bin DSP Hj Kifrawi, Counsel


Political and Security Unit

Political Portfolio

The Political & Security Unit advises on Brunei Darussalam's diplomatic and political relations bilaterally, regionally and multilaterally, and ensures that such relations are consistent with Brunei Darussalam's laws, regulations and policies.  Bilateral issues include political relations, land and maritime boundaries, visa exemptions, diplomatic privileges and immunities and legal cooperation. On a regional and multilateral level, the Unit advises on institutional aspects of regional and international organisations and also prepares position papers and national implementation reports that may be required for Brunei Darussalam to fulfil its obligations as a member of an organisation.

Security Portfolio

The Political & Security Unit also handles all matters pertaining to international cooperation and agreements that affect the security of Brunei Darussalam and its protection from international acts of violence, crime and harm. Matters under its purview include anti-terrorism, transnational crime, defence, maritime security, transfer of prisoners, mutual legal assistance and extradition. The Unit represents the Attorney General's Chambers in the National Committee on Maritime Security and works closely with the Criminal Justice Division of the Attorney General's Chambers in the discharge of any responsibilities relating to international cooperation to combat and prevent crime, and in the preparation of reports for Brunei Darussalam's progress in implementing various international criminal conventions.

Head of Unit

Pg Hj Liyan bin Pg Hj Mohammad, Deputy Senior Counsel



Muhd Aiman Adri Bin Hj Ahmad Zakaria, Counsel

Nur Filzaty Najihah binti Abdul Rahman, Counsel

Dk Khadiijah Syaakirah binti Pg Ali, Counsel



Social-Cultural Unit

The Social-Cultural Unit focuses on regional and international matters that have a bearing upon cooperation on social welfare and cultural issues in Brunei Darussalam. It advises on Memorandums of Understanding and agreements on a wide range of matters that include consular matters, health, education, sports, labour, gender equality, women, children and the environment.

Head of Unit

Hjh Fauziah binti Hj Sulaiman, Deputy Senior Counsel


Mohd Nazmi Azwan Bin Awang, Counsel


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