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What is Layout Designs?

It is usually referred to a design of a three dimensional disposition of an integrated circuit or semi-conductor.


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Layout Designs Protection

Protection is automatic and thus there is no formal registration system. In fact, protection arises when the layout design is first commercially exploited in an eligible country, or the layout design is first made by a resident of an eligible country.


 Eligible countries are those where Brunei Darussalam and the other entity are both parties to an international agreement or arrangement relating to the protection of layout designs, or where reciprocal protection for layout designs is available in both entities.



Layout Designs Ownership

The person who makes the layout designs is the first owner of the layout designs right. However, if it is made in the course of employment or apprenticeship, then the employer is the first owner.


Duration of Protection

The layout designs is protected for 10 years from the date when the layout design was first commercially exploited, where this occurred within the first five year period after the layout design was made.

In other cases, the owner receives protection for 15 years from the date the layout design was made.


Layout Designs Legislation

The legislation that governs layout designs is the Layout Designs Order 1999.