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PASSPORTS ACT [2013 Ed.]CAP. 14614-12-19831/2013
Passports RegulationsCAP. 14601-09-20051/2013
Passports (Visa) (Exemption) OrderCAP. 146, O 101-03-19851/2013
Amended by -

Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) Order, 2014S 6/201401-08-2013
Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) Order, 2015​
​S 46/2015​16-04-2015
​​Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) Order, 2016​S 25/2016​01-01-2016
Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order, 2016​​S 26/2016​01-06-2016
​Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) (No. 3) Order, 2016​S 42/2016​04-05-2016
Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) (No. 4) Order, 2016
​​S 65/2016​​01-09-2014
Corrigendum to S 65/2016 - should read as "​Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) (No.4) Order, 2016"​S 79/2016
Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) Order, 2017​S 30/2017​30-01-2017
​Passports (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) Order, 2018
​S 3/2018​08-01-2018
Passport (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) (No.2) Order, 2018
​S 72/2018
Passport (Visa) (Exemption) (Amendment) (No.3) Order, 2018
​S 73/2018
PATENTS ORDER, 2011S 57/201101-01-2012 except Part XIX
​Amended by -
​Patents (Amendment) Order, 2017​S 32/2017​10-04-2017
Subsidiary Legislation:

Patent Rules, 2012S 19/201201-01-2012
Amended by -

Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2013S 11/2013

Notification of Appointment:

the Registrar of PatentsGN 249/201201-01-2012
Deputy Registrar
Minister responsible for patentsGN 905/2012

Assistant Registrar of Patents
GN 1099/2012
​Notification of cessation of Assistant Registrar of Patents
​GN 1161/2017​01-01-2017
​Notification of appointment of Registrar of Patents
​GN 1084/2018
Repealed by Pawnbrokers Order, 2002 (S 60/2002) w.e.f. 01-08-2005
CAP. 63Repealed 1/1984
PAWNBROKERS ORDER, 2002S 60/200201-08-2005
Notification under section 1(1) - date of commencementS 55/2005

Amended by -

Pawnbrokers (Amendment) Order, 2005S 41/200501-08-2005
section 79 of Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam Order, 2010S 103/201001-01-2011
Notification of Appointment -

​Notification of appointment of licensing officer [sec. 7(1)]​GN 436/2014​01-01-2011
Notification of commencement​S 60/2015
​Amended by -
​​​​section 247 (Consequential amendments of the Fourth Schedule) of Insolvency Order, 2016​​​​​​​S 1/2016​01-03-2016
Notification of commencement​S 59/2015
PENAL CODE [2016 Ed.]CAP. 2201-05-19521/2016
​Amended by -
Penal Code (Amendment) Order, 2017
​S 61/2017​24-07-2017
​Penal Code (Amendment) Order, 2018
​S 60/2018

​Penal Code (Amendment) (No.2) Order, 2018
​S 71/2018
​Subsidiary Legislation:
Declaration of commencement of prescribed period under section 277ACAP. 22, N104-08-20091/2016
PENSIONS ACT [2014 Ed.]CAP. 3801-03-19595/2014
Subsidiary Legislations:

Pensions RegulationsCAP. 38, Rg 1
01-12-1973 for reg. 24
Pensions (Declaration of Pensionable Offices) OrderCAP. 38, O 101-03-1959
Notification of Appointment -
​Head of Social Affairs Services Unit of Ministry of Culture as Controller of Pensions​GN 305/1993​01-02-1993
PERBADANAN TABUNG AMANAH ISLAM BRUNEI ACT (T.A.I.B.) [1999 Ed.]​CAP. 163​29-09-1991​1/1999
Amended by -

Perbadanan TAIB Act (Amendment) Order, 2003S 15/200324-03-2003
Perbadanan TAIB Act (Amendment) Order, 2004S 29/200420-04-2004
Notification of Appointment -

Appointment of Managing DirectorGN 674/1991

Amended by -

section 15 of the Geneva Convention Order, 2005S 40/2005Not yet in force
PETROLEUM MINING ACT [2002 Ed.]CAP. 4418-11-19635/2002
PETROLEUM (PIPE-LINES) ACT [1984 Ed.]CAP. 4504-03-19201/1984
Notification under section 1(1)S 50/2001

Amended by -

Pharmacists Registration (Amendment) Order, 2010S 87/201002-09-2010
Subsidiary Legislation:

Pharmacists Registration (Disciplinary) Rules, 2010S 88/2010
Notification of Appointment of members of Pharmacy Board [sec.3(1)]GN 522/2011
18-11-2010 - 17-11-2013

Notification of commencement​S 71/2016
​Amended by -
​​Plant Varieties Protection (Amendment) Order, 2016​S 4/2016​25-01-2016
Subsidiary Legislation:
​Plant Varieties Protection Rules, 2016
​S 50/2016​01-04-2015
Notification of Appointments -
​Appointment of Minister responsible for Plant Varieties
​GN 344/2016
​Appointment of Registrar of Plant Varieties
​GN 1085/2018
Aappointment of Deputy Registrar of Plant varieties
​GN 953/2017
​Appointment of Assistant Registrar of Plant varieties
​GN 954/2017
POISONS ACT [2015 Ed.]CAP. 11401-07-19571/2015
Subsidiary Legislations:

Poisons RulesCAP. 114, R 101-07-19571/2015
Poisons (Antibiotics) Exemption OrderCAP. 114, O 101-07-19571/2015

Notification of lists of licences under Poisons Act [sec.13(1)]
​GN 588/2017

GN 911/2018

GN 483/2019

GN 745/2019
​03-01-2017 until
27-03-2018 until 24-07-2018
15-04-2019 until 16-05-2019
09-08-2018 until 30-10-2018
Style of public office of Director of Medical Services changed to Director-General of Medical ServicesGN 273/2002

​S 48/2014
PORTS ACT [1984 Ed.] - Repealed by sec. 122 of Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam Order, 2017 [S 22/2017] w.e.f. 28-09-2017CAP. 14401-01-19861/1984
Notification of date of commencement
S 25/1985

Amended by -

Emergency (Ports Act) (Amendment) Order, 1988
S 17/198818-11-1987
Ports Act (Amendment) Order, 2002S 26/200216-05-2002
section 34 of Prevention of Pollution of the Sea Order, 2005
S 18/200528-03-2005
Transfer of FunctionsS 24/198501-01-1986
Declaration of Port and Limits [section 3] :

Brunei Town PortS 70/1963

Kuala Belait PortS 5/1988

Serasa Passenger and Vehicles Ferry Terminal S 67/200503-12-2005
Ports (Approaches to a Port) Notification, 1987 S 15/198701-04-1987
Ports (Dues and Rates) Notification, 1986S 5/198601-01-1986
Amended by -

Ports (Dues and Rates) (Amendment) Notification 1987S 15/198801-11-1987
Ports (Dues and Rates) (Amendment) Notification 1989S 40/198901-12-1988
Ports (Pilotage) Regulations, 1988S 21/198801-03-1988
Ports (Pilotage District) Notification, 1988S 13/198901-03-1988
Notification of Appointment -

Awang Ang Kian Guan as Acting Director of PortsGN 237/2009

Hj Hamidon Hj Mohd Tahir as Director of MarineGN 228/200211-01-1999
POST OFFICE ACT [2018 Ed.]CAP. 5201-05-19881/2018
Subsidiary Legislations:

Postal (Parcel Airmail Rates) Rules
CAP. 52, R101-08-19591/2018
Postal Articles (Surface Rates to Foreign Countries) Rules
CAP. 52, R201-08-1959
Postal (Airmail Rates) RulesCAP. 52, R301-08-19591/2018
Postal (Surface Letter Rates) (Local and Commonwealth) Rules​CAP. 52, R4​23-07-1959​1/2018
Postal Fees Rules​CAP. 52, R5​01-09-1959​1/2018
Post Office (Speed Post Rates) Rules​CAP. 52, R6​01-07-1992​​1/2018
Post Office Rules​CAP. 52, R7​30-09-1993​1/2018
Postal (Surface Parcel Rates) Notification​CAP. 52, N1​01-08-1959​1/2018
Post Office (Letter Mail Insurance Limits) Notification​CAP. 52, N2​01-03-1983​1/2018
Post Office (Express Mail Service (Speedpost) Overseas Rate for Contract Service) Notification, 1993​CAP. 52, N3​01-10-1993​​1/2018
POWERS OF ATTORNEY ACT [2002 Ed.]CAP. 1301-01-19222/2002
Subsidiary Legislation:

Powers of Attorney (Fees) RegulationsCAP.13, Rg 101-07-19942/2002
Notification of Appointment -

Appointment of Authorised OfficersGN 490/1988

PRESERVATION OF BOOKS ACT [1984 Ed.]CAP. 12518-01-19671/1984
Amended by -
​Preservation of Books Act (Amendment) Order, 2018
​S 48/2018

PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION ACT [2014 Ed.]CAP. 13101-01-19821/2014
Amended by -
​​Prevention of Corruption Act (Amendment) Order, 2015
​S 48/2015​22-09-2015
​S 16/2019
Amended by -
​Schedule 4 of Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam Order, 2017
​S 22/2017​28-09-2017
Subsidiary Legislations:

Prevention of Pollution of The Sea (Authorised Organisations) Regulations, 2008S 124/2008

Prevention of Pollution of The Sea (Compoundable Offences) Regulations, 2008S 125/2008

Prevention of Pollution of The Sea (Garbage) Regulations, 2008S 123/2008

Prevention of Pollution of The Sea (Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk) Regulations, 2008S 121/2008

Prevention of Pollution of The Sea (Oil) Regulations, 2008S 93/2008

Prevention of Pollution of The Sea (Reporting of Pollution Incidents) Regulations, 2008S 122/2008

PRICE CONTROL ACT [2014 Ed.]CAP. 14213-03-19746/2014
Subsidiary Legislation:

Price Control (Compoundable Offences) Regulations
CAP. 142, Rg 1
Price Control (Cheap Sale Price) Regulations
CAP. 142, Rg 2

Price Control (Display of Prices) Order
​CAP. 142, O 1
Price Control (Maximum Price and Charges) Order
CAP. 142, O 2

Price Control (Minimum Price and Charges) Order
CAP. 142, O 3

Price Control (Controlled Articles) Order
CAP. 142, O 4

Price Control Act - Order made under section 7(1)CAP. 142, O 5

Notification of Appointments -

Notification of appointment of Minister responsible for Price Control ActGN 1319/2012
Notification of appointment of Price Controller and appointment of Deputy Price Controller
GN 1320/2012
Notification of appointment of Price Inspector
GN 1321/2012

Amended the Mentri Besar Incorporation Order, 1960 [S 55/60]
​S 5/1984
PRISONS ACT [2015 Ed.]CAP. 5101-07-19791/2015
Subsidiary Legislations:

Prisons Rules CAP. 51, R1
Prisons (Consolidation) Notification
CAP. 51, N1

Notification of appointment of lockups under section 7(1)
CAP. 51, N2


Style of public office
GN 68/1985

GN 274/2002-
Members of the Board of Visiting Justices sec. 60(1)]GN 283/2010
year 2010
PROBATE AND ADMINISTRATION ACT [1984 Ed.]CAP. 1101-02-19561/1984
Notification of Appointment -
Appointment as Deputy Probate Officer
GN 80/2011
GN 126 - 127/2019

Probate and Administration (Procedure) Rules [Repealed by Order 87 of S 5/90 w.e.f. 1/7/90] CAP. 11Repealed1/1984
see Offenders (Probation and Community Service) Order, 2006

(Note: notification is changed every 2 years since 1962 - E 17/1962)
S 16/2015

Emergency (Continuation and Validation of Emergency Provisions) Order, 2004S 23/200408-03-2004
PROTECTED AREAS AND PROTECTED PLACES ACT [2017 Ed.]​CAP. 147​01-12-1983​1/2017
​Subsidiary Legislation:
​Protected Places (Consolidation) Order​CAP. 147, O1​1/2017
Amended by-
​​Protected Places (Consolidation) (Amendment) Order, 2017
​S 79/2017
* indicates the notification made under "The Emergency Order, 1962" (Order under Order 17) - Order Declaring a Protected Place

All that area bounded by a chain-link fence and known as CID/SB Records Office at Gadong Road site adjacent to and east of lot number 9121 GAZ. P. 7*S 185/1964

Tasek Dam Area as shown in Gazette Plan 62 deposited in the State Surveyor's Office, Brunei*S 171/1965

Istana Darul Hana and all buildings and grounds within the perimeter wall. Map reference GR 464386, Map Series T 735, Sheet no.4/114/4*S 295/1965

The area of sea enclosed by an arc which as follows:
a) Apex at Berakas Beach GR 471519 (Latitude 4° 59' 58" N. Longitude 114° 55' 38" E)
(b) WEST boundary of the arc bears 275° true from position
(c) EAST boundary of the arc bears 25° true from position
(d) Area is extended out to sea for a distance of 8,500 yards from (a) and within the two bearings
*S 314/1965

a) (1) Broadcasting & Information Department Buildings, BSB. Those areas shown "A", "B", "C" and delineated in red on Gazette Plan 439 deposited in the office of the Surveyor-General, Brunei, and the Roof of the main building carrying radio aerials - map reference GR 479398
(2) Radio Brunei VHF Transmitter, Jalan Sentosa, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 485408
(3) Radio Brunei Transmitter and Mast Tutong, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 170310
*S 317/1965

b) (1) Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd., Seria, the Power Station, the Refining Plant and the Transformer Station, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 812097
(2) Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd., Seria, the Filtration Plant and the main Oil Pumping Station and the Oil Tank Farm as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 810098
*S 317/1965

c) The Tasek General Water Scheme Filtration Plants, on either side of Jalan Tasek, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fences - map reference GR 483409 and GR 482409*S 317/1965

d) (1) The Telephone Exchange, Bandar Seri Begawan and associated Telecommunications Offices, structures and compond, as defined by the chain-link perimeter fence and those walls and grilles completing the periphery thereof, and the entire first floor and roof - map reference GR 482399
(2) The VHF Radio Station, Jalan Bereta, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 486406
(3) Telephone Exchange and Radio Staion, Kuala Belait, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 361064
*S 317/1965

e) Brunei Airport and Bolkiah Camp, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence, but excluding the approach road to the airport, the airport car park, the ground floor of the airport building and the airport apron - map reference GR 460435*S 317/1965

Amendment of S 317/1965 -S 156/1967
S 90/1969
S 203/1970
S 144/1971
S 12/1974
S 71/1977

(a) The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment Camp at Berakas as enclosed within the perimeter fence in grid squares GR 4752, 4852, 4952, 4751, 4851 and 4951
(b) The Royal Brunei Malay Regiment Marine Base at Muara as enclosed by the perimeter fence, and including that area of sea enclosed by the two fence extensions into the sea and a line drawn parallel with the shore through the end of the jetty; the whole lying within grid square GR 6255
*S 83/1966

The Government Power Station in Jalan Raja Isteri, Seria as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 813094*S 131/1967

The Government Power Station in Jalan Gadong, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 446419*S 132/1967

Water Service Reservoirs as defined by perimeter chain-link fences at:
(1) Kampong Berangan - Map ref.: GR 492397
(2) Jalan Sentosa - Map ref.: GR 485409
(3) Jalan Malabau - Map ref.: GR 481424
(4) Jalan Gadong - Map ref.: GR 443422
(5) Jalan Sinuai - Map ref.: GR 473416
*S 134/1967

Amendment of S 134/1967 -S 120/1969

The Berakas Transmitting Station, Berakas, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence-map reference GR 48254638*S 222/1968

Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd., Seria, the Badas Electrical Sub-stations and the Badas Wharf Water Pumping Station together with the elevated walk-way connecting them - Map Reference 903033*S 179/1970

Radio Brunei Transmitter in Kuala Belait as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 648064*S 145/1971

The Water Storage Tanks and the areas in which these tanks stand as defined by perimeter chain-link fences at:-
(1) Kuala Belait - junction of Jalan Bunga Raya and Jalan Nakhoda Ragam - map reference : GR 659062
2) Kuala Belait/Seria Road - Mile 3 - map reference : GR 689068
(3) Seria - between Lorong 1 and 2 Jalan Tengah - map reference : GR 803094
*S 26/1972

The prison at Jerudong as defined by the perimeter wall - Map reference GR 363397*S 171/1973

The Tuker Lines Camp in Belait District as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 784085*S 11/1974

The Liquid Natural Gas processing plant situated at Lumut as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 950155*S 43/1974

The Loading Pier of the Liquid Natural Gas Plant at Lumut, including the gas flare pier, mooring dolphins, mooring buoys and all ancillary structures and components used in berthing and unberthing ships and the admininstration and operation of the LNG Loading Pier, and the sea surrounding the above mentioned structure to a distance of 500 feet therefrom - map reference GR 928197 being the northern end of the Loading Pier or Latitude 04° 42' 34" North and Longitude 114° 26' 27" East, and map reference GR 949158 being the southern end of the Loading Pier or latitude 04° 40' 29" North and Longitude 114° 27' 37" East*S 44/1974

(i) The Water Works, pumping stations, water treatmentplant, generating houses and all associated buildings and structures situated at Layong as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 188174
(ii) The River Pumping Station of the said Water Works, and its associated buildings and machinery as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 185175 - and bounded on its western end by the Sungai Tutong
*S 67/1974

(1) The Water Service Reservoir at Sungai Liang as defined by a perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 973148
(2) The Water Treatment Plant at Seria as defined by a perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 815090
(3) The Water Storage Tank and the area in which this tank stands as defined by a perimeter chain-link fence at Kuala Belait in Jalan Setia Diraja - map reference GR 668053
*S 100/1974

Seria Garrison Explosives' Magazines at the Tuker Lines, Seria, as defined by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 784075*S 101/1974

Seria Military 100 M Range behind the Tuker Lines Seria, at map reference GR 788076*S 112/1974

Water Service Reservoirs as defined by perimeter chain-link fences at:
(1) Sungai Burong, Tutong. Map reference GR 259199
(2) Tanjong Durian, Tutong. Map reference GR 275319
(3) Tutong. Map reference GR 177308
(4) Timahu, Brunei/Muara. Map reference GR 345374
(5) Gadong (New), Brunei/Muara. Map reference GR 434394
(6) Malabau (New), Brunei/Muara. Map reference GR 480427
(7) Palait, Brunei/Muara. Map reference GR 494445
(8) Jalan Muara M 12, Brunei/Muara. Map reference GR 568516
(9) Muara, Brunei/Muara. GR 592547
(10) Kilanas, Brunei/Muara, Map reference GR 399364
(11) Wasan, Brunei/Muara. Map reference GR 343263
*S 118/1974

Government Quarters No.B 5, Jalan Rakis, Bandar Seri Begawan, and the area surrounding the Quarter enclosed by the perimeter chain-link fence*S 159/1974

The Port of Brunei in Muara Harbour including the wharf, buildings, all ancillary structures and components thereto, the sea surrounding to a distance of 50 feet seaward from the edges of the wharf, and defined on its other sides by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 626548*S 174/1974

International Airport of Brunei including its fenced areas, runways, parkingaprons, buildings, service areas, installations, attendant services, facilities, and equipment. Map reference GR 471459*S 15/1975

Television Transmission Station at Bukit Subok including its mast and all buildings and components thereto, and the area surrounding the Transmission Station enclosed by the perimeter chain-link fence - map reference GR 505395*S 26/1975

(a) Medicina Lines in Belait District as defined by the demarcation fence - map reference GR 796086
(b) Brunei Garrison Helicopter Hanger as defined by the demarcation fence - map reference GR 791096
*S 33/1975

Telecommunication Repeater Station at Bukit Ambok, Tutong - map reference 178310 - as demarcated and enclosed by perimeter chain-link fence*S 37/1976

The Television Mast at Andulau and all buildings and land enclosed within the security fence surrounding it, at Grid reference 002140, BRUNEI 1: 50,000, Sheet 4/114/7*S 28/1977

The Satellite Communications Earth Station at Telisai in the Tutong District as deliniated in green on Gazette Plan 636 and enclosed within a security fence and the access road thereto whichforms a junction with the Tutong-Seria Road at Mile 36 from Bandar Seri Begawan*S 13/1979

All that area of State land shown delineated in green on Gazette Plan No. 603, deposited in the office of the Surveyor General*S 122/1979

Transfer of FunctionsS 10/198401-01-1984
Notification of change of name of, and authority from whom permission to be received enter, protected place
GN 545/2012

Notification of change of address of protected place
GN 490/2012

​Protected Places Order, 2011 - 
Buildings and areas, Narcotics Control Bureau Section, Kampong Pandan A, Belait District. 

​S 24/2011
Protected Places Order, 2011- 
Declaration of place shall cease to be protected place [sec. 5(1)]-

Headquarters of the Internal Security Department Jalan Laksamana Abdul Razak, Tumasek Plaza, BSBS 53/201131-07-2011
Protected Places Order, 2017 - 
Buildings and areas, Pusat Al-Islah, Narcotics Control Bureau, Kampung Kerakas Payau, Kupang, Tutong

S 88/2017

Protected Places Order, 2018​S 28/2018​02-04-2018
Subsdiary Legislations:

Public Entertainment (Fess and Forms) RulesCAP.181, R 101-06-19986/2013
Public Entertainment (Exemption) OrderCAP.181, O 110-02-19991/2013
Notification of appointment of Licensing Officers under section 4CAP. 181, N 1

Notification of date of commencementS 78/2000

​Notification of appointment of food officers [sec. 3(2)]​GN 354/2017​for the year 2017
​Notification of appointment of food analysts [sec. 3(1)]​GN 355/2017​for the year 2017
Subsdiary Legislations:

Public Health (Food) Regulations [2001 Ed.]CAP.182, Rg 1
Corrigendum to Rg 1 and S 27/2001S 4/2005

Amended by -

Public Health (Food) (Amendment) Regulations, 2013S 6/2013
PUBLIC OFFICERS (LIABILITIES) ACT [1984 Ed.] - Repealed by S 40/00CAP. 80Repealed
PUBLIC ORDER ACT [2013 Ed]CAP. 14801-11-19831/2013
Amended by -
​Public Order Act (Amendment) Order, 2018​S 21/2018​24-04-2018
Subsidiary Legislations:

Public Order (Marriage and Funeral Processions) (Exemption) OrderCAP.148, O 101-11-19831/2013
Notification under section 3(1)CAP.148, N 101-11-19831/2013
PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION ACT [1984 Ed.]CAP. 8301-01-19621/1984
Subsidiary Legislations:

Public Officers (Appointments and Promotions) RegulationsCAP. 8301-01-19621/1984
Amended by -

Public Officers (Appointments and Promotions) (Amendment) Regulations 2002S 22/200230-05-2002
Public Officers (Appointments and Promotions) (Amendment) Regulations 2008
S 47/200810-04-2008
Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) RegulationsCAP. 8301-01-19621/1984
Committee for the Promotion and Transfer of Officers in Division II and above not within the Purview of Public Service Commission GN 174/199802-02-1989

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